We execute various kinds of mechanical & electrical services for our clientele ─ which ranges from banks, factory buildings, housing schemes, offices, bungalows, condominiums, showroom units and more. Our company’s ethos is to always put our customers first. Hence, we strive to provide services and workmanship of the highest quality to our valued clients, in order to achieve the designated goals and to ensure 100% total satisfaction.

A mid-size company that comprised of about 50 to 80 workers and staff, we also equip our personnel with professional technical training and knowledge, so they can constantly improve their performance and stay top-notch in their tasks. Additionally, team building activities are carried out from time to time to cultivate teamwork and to maximise cohesiveness when faced with challenges. Therefore, we boast the strength of having good teamwork qualities in the company. And this in turn makes sure that we transform the ‘Impossible’ into ‘Possible’. It can obviously be seen when we completed the renovation of the 37-floor Menara HSBC, QB6, in just 3 months’ time. And this is just one of the many successful projects that we have carried out over the years.

As a professional contractor specialising in electrical works, we too have proven ourselves in the industry through our strong work ethics and outstanding performances. Thus, naturally, we are registered and awarded grade ‘G7’ by the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB). ‘G7’is the highest ever category grade and it offers us no limitation in tendering capacity amount for general building construction works.

Besides that, we have been recognised and acknowledged with other awards and certifications. Namely, YESB have obtained ‘Class A’ in the Suruhanjaya Tenaga Certificate, in addition to the CIDB Certificate of G7.